Friday, January 30, 2009

Reduce Reuse Recycle

On Thursday, 29 Jan, Sustainable Kodiak hosted a panel discussion on the new changes coming to Kodiak's waste management program. Kodiak Island Borough adopted a new Solid Waste Management Plan, and it contains recommendations to increase the amount of recycling and decrease the amount of waste headed to our landfill.

At the current rate, our landfill will be FULL in 2014. To combat this, panel members and Sustainable Kodiak members encourage us to:

REDUCE: Be thoughtful consumers: purchase items with less packaging
REUSE: Reuse items: be creative, be artistic, pay it forward.
RECYCLE: Check out Threhold Recycling's list of Acceptable Items (below)

The Solid Waste Advisory Board is looking for volunteers to help with public outreach to educate our fellow residents on the three Rs and make a cultural shift in how we handle waste in this pristine environment in which we live. To understand how this committee will conduct outreach, click the hyperlink above to read the plan and view the recommendations. To volunteer, contact Sustainable Kodiak.

Accepted Items
Corrugated Cardboard (OCC)
Boxes and sheet cardboard
Mixed Paperboard
any non corrugated cardboard, or OCC with shiny finish
Office Paper
White printer paper, unused or with ink
Daily newspaper or similar type of paper
Shiny finished pages
Hard or paperbacked
Any file folders
Stationary paper
Mixed colored paper
Shipping, mailing, interoffice With or without windows
Junk mail/Voting pamphlets
Any mail that doesn’t interest you, please don’t throw away
Carbonless forms
Fill-in forms without a carbon form
Bond paper
Ink-jet printer paper
Manila folders
File folders
Store receipts
Usually falls under stationary paper
Blueprint paper
Architectural layout of building
Styrofoam packing peanuts
These are available to the public from us at no cost for reuse
HDPE#2 Natural
White/clear in color, usually milk jugs
HDPE#2 Colored
Variety of color’s, primarily soap and detergent bottles
PET#1 Clear
Transparent or semi-transparent, water, soda, juice bottles
OTHER plastics-Various Number codes
Plastics without specific codes, we take all plastics!!!
Plastic Film
Bags, Shrink wrap, Bubble wrap, etc.
Soda, beer, juice cans aluminum siding, gutters
Tin cans
Soup cans, coffee cans
Cell phones
Old cell phones-collected for school funding
Ink-jet cartridges
Used ink-jet cartridges-collected for school funding

Tires: $.30 per pound charge, drop off at plant during business hours
Electronics: $.50 per pound charge, drop off at plant during business hours
Appliances: $25.00 refrigerant removal fee, all others are free of charge
Light bulbs: $1.50 per pound charge, drop off at plant during business hours
Batteries: All household and car batteries, free of charge
Document destruction: $.15 per pound charge, We have a commercial shredder at the plant

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